Wednesday, December 19, 2007

#23 Finished at last!

As I neared the end I felt great relief not only because of the pressure to finish but a lot of things kinda made sense and a lot of loose ends got tied together. A couple of my favorites were YouTube which I had never been to and I really enjoyed, and I thought the Google Doc was great and has great possibilities. I found these weeks of exercises rather time consuming for searching for understanding on your own, but with help and collaboration with co-workers it was much more rewarding and understandable. An individual hands on approach was necessary although I floundered a bit trying to find the means to an end. It was frustrating to open a website that we were directed to and have no page displayed. In several instances it would have been better to feature the best tutorial to give a best overview of the subject before assigning tasks.

Overall I had no idea so many of the "things" were out there. I question who has time and energy to blog, create, tag etc. It certainly isn't my interest, but I am glad for the experience and the exposure and certainly the realization and expectation that there is more out there and more to come in the future!!!

#22 Audiobooks

Going for the free stuff, I investigated Project Gutenberg with which I was totally unfamiliar. I realized that their collection is more of a classic nature and not the best sellers, etc. I was able to locate Return of the Native and Anna Karenina; but not the current books I would be looking for WHICH would direct me to Overdrive which I am vaguely familiar. Good to know although I am not an audio-book freak!

#21 Podcasting

This exercise was most annoying today. The Yahoo tutorial was "absent" so hopefully this program will be upgraded to sites that are present. In beginner's guide the "page was not found." The most helpful one was Jason Orden's tutorial. I tried to find book review podcasts, none of which I could play, but I did add Rachel's World to Bloglines even though I never heard it!!! Nini's vodcast and some of the other tutorial podcasts were the most beneficial.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

#20 Discover YouTube

I do like YouTube! I found my favorite Dr. Seuss story to share with you all. For an individual library to create their own video about their place, programs, etc. it could and is for some a very good marketing tool.

Web 2.0 awards list #19

This was OK. In PodShow I liked the way it was categorized. I was able to manuevering it as was I also able to in As for dislikes I wouldn't go to Web 2.0n looking for something although having found it could be a potential "bookmark" for me as a book locator. In looking for potential reference websites, it could be a profitable exploration but not top of the list.

#18 Online productivity features

I thought this exercise was pretty neat and after watching the video explaining it, I rather understood it and can see its' usefulness. Because I don't seem to think like most people or catch on a little slower, it would have made a difference to see the video first and work from there. I think there are good possibilities with this website.

Sandbox wiki #17

I'm sure glad for the assistance my co-workers had to offer me to get posted!!! But having tested it, it really is ONE of the more"fun" (if you stretch the meaning of the word) places to blog with others who have a something in common. Once again I may never return here again, but IF I was looking to blog this would be a familiar reference site.